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March 2017

Pasta Japanese flavors 

Once in Tokyo, I ate a pasta which for me sound very different from the way I use to eat it. It was a pasta with fermented soy with seaweed and mushrooms different taste but in someway it was good and I did not feel heavy.

So, I did my pasta version with Japanese flavors, I used organic spaghetti, fermented soy, mushrooms and I added crab meat with seaweed. It was very tasty, I enjoyed.


Eu fiz um spaghetti com ingredientes japoneses, bem diferente do que estamos acostumados a comer, usei spaghetti orgânico, soja fermentada, algas secas e cogumelos.. uma combinação que não é para todos os gostos, acredito que tenha maior aceitação das pessoas que comem soja fermentada, o que não é comum no Brasil.



Hand made

Sometimes you try, and try but it does not happen. I have experience, knowledge, but I have a great challenge I am not fluent in Japanese, so I am not getting where I want … Soon it will be 1 year that I arrived here.

Iam now trying to find a way out, another solution. To relax and try new things I have made below


maybe it is just a new hobby, but it helps me to deal with my hard time and doubts at this moment.

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