Today I did a curry with vegetables (carrots, potato and brocolis) and tikuwa (type of a paste fish) very common at Japanese supermarket, instead of using red meat or chicken. I want to have a more balance diet with less deep fried food and less red meat or chicken.   On  top of curry I put a little of furikake(japanese temper) just to add some colour on it. It was a good and yummy and I did not feel heavy after I ate it.

今日はカレーを作りました、カレーの中に野菜と笹かまぼこを入れました。牛肉と鶏肉は使わなかった、今年、牛肉と鶏肉は食べることを減りたい。カレーの上に少しのふりかけをかけました。食べ物を食べた後、重く感じなかった, 美味しかった!

Hoje eu fiz um curry de vegetais com uma espécie de massa de peixe e bambu, eu quero tentar reduzir um pouco a carne vermelho e frango também, ficou gostoso, e não senti que tinha comido algo pesado, caiu bem 🙂