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December 2016

ブリガデイロ-アルバイト楽しかった!Brigadeiro, part time job in a bar, fun!

This weekend I had a chance to work in a bar in Ookayama, in South of Tokyo. This bar is very cozy and it is very near of the station. Me and my friend we received the customers and serve them some snacks and drinks like Haibooru ( Whisky and Energetic) and I could serve my brigadeiros ( chocolate balls below) to the customers. As the customers are Japanese, no foreigners, it was a great opportunity for me to practice my Japanese and learn more about what the Japanese lives, some of the customers came from Ibaraki ( another city in direction to North ), Yokohama, neighbors who lives near there and my friend friend’s. In addition I could tell them about my country, Brazil.


Neste fim de semana trabalhei num bar em Ookayama ao Sul de Tóquio, e foi bem divertido, além de servir a bebida e as entradas, pude servir o brigadeiro que como escrevi anteriormente adaptei aos padrões japoneses ( utilizo leite e açúcar ao invés do leite condensado). A bebida que servíamos é o que eles chama de Haibo-ru ( uma mistura de whisky com energético) e eles se serviam do sake japonês. Tive a oportunidade de praticar o japonês e conhecer um pouco mais da vida deles, e deles conhecerem um pouco mais do Brasil, para mim uma ótima troca de conhecimento e experiência, coisas que levo para minha vida..

Brigadeiro – ブリガデイロ

Bar @Ookayamaeki – 酒場@大岡山駅


日本紅葉 Beautiful colors changes in Tokyo and around

My first year in Tokyo in Autumn and I could see some of the trees with the beautiful colors changing… The nature is fantastic, just appreciate the beauty of the moments…


Light in the night at Rikugien park, cold an beautiful @六義園

Rikugien park @六義園

Beautiful Autumn at Takao Mountain @高尾さん山 Beautiful Autumn at Takao Mountain @高尾さん山本当綺麗!

Beautiful Autumn at Takao Mountain @高尾さん山

This was a delicious soba tororo, soba is a noodle and it is very famous and delicious in this region of Takao Mountain. とても美味しい蕎麦とろろ

At Mid Town Roppongi @六本木

 Contrast of the building and this beautiful garden with the great variety of colors 素晴らしい!

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